Mosquito net

TravelSafe offers a complete range of mosquito nets. TravelSafe has the right mosquito net for every category of traveller. If you are going to the tropics or subtropics, always choose the impregnated and EU/WHO approved mosquito net. If you stay in Europe or outside high-risk areas, a basic mosquito net is a great option.

All TravelSafe nets are produced according to WHO guidelines and meet the highest quality standards. The net is made of a sturdy polyester material and has 225 holes/inch². This indicates the number of holes per inch². TravelSafe deliberately uses this quality because it is much finer-mesh than, for example, 156 hole/inch², so it offers better protection even if the impregnation is less effective after some time. Above all, it makes the net stronger and less susceptible to damage (tears), and therefore more durable.

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