TravelSafe tries to inform you as best as possible about various (health) topics related to your trip.

Always check with the relevant authorities before departure for the latest travel information and destination regulations. Always inform yourself well about the health situation with specialist institutions such as pharmacists, tropical authorities, tour operators, etc.


TravelSafe has been sponsoring a number of small-scale projects, events and initiatives in the field of “Health while traveling” for several years now. We know how important it is to help developing countries in any area and are happy to contribute.

Last year we sponsored the “Children of Kilimanjaro Foundation”. the latter foundation supports a village with orphans in Tanzania. Unfortunately, a large number of these children are infected with HIV and it is especially important for these children to prevent them from becoming ill. TravelSafe supports these children with mosquito nets that protect them against (malaria) mosquitoes.

Travel & Risks

Unfortunately, traveling to other countries can entail a number of risks. In particular, trips to the (sub)tropics such as African and South American countries, former Eastern Bloc countries and countries affected by natural disasters (hurricanes, floods, etc.).

That is why it is important that you are well prepared for your trip. This preparation starts with timely contact (4-6 weeks before departure) with a vaccinating institution about the necessary vaccinations, possibly. malaria prophylaxis and good information about the destination(s). They can also give good advice on what further precautions are needed, such as anti-mosquito products, mosquito nets, etc.