Bed Bug sheet – 2-persons

The TravelSafe Bug Sheet 220 x 160 cm (incl. pillowcases) is suitable for a double bed and is ideal when you stay…

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The TravelSafe Bug Sheet 220 x 160 cm (incl. pillowcases) is suitable for a double bed and is ideal when you stay in an apartment, hotel or hostel. You should always use this bottom sheet under your sleeping bag or sheet, never in direct contact with your skin. The Bug Sheet offers protection against unwelcome bugs, like dust mites / bed bugs and other stinging / biting insects. The sheet can be used for multiple purposes, such as a sheet under your picnic blanket or as a bug screen for windows or to use as a normal mosquito net.  The Bug Sheet comes with a pillowcase, size: 75 cm*50cm.

Warning: avoid direct contact with the skin during use. The product must not be washed in order to guarantee optimal effectiveness of the product and to protect the environment. Tip: never air the Bugsheet in the sunlight and store the sheet in a cool dark place, packed in the original packaging.

TravelSafe offers a complete range of mosquito nets and has an appropriate mosquito net for every traveler. For traveling to a tropical area you should choose a tropical net, a basic one when travelling in Europe and a net with extra fine mesh when travelling to areas where you will find midges (Scandinavia/Scotland).
All TravelSafe mosquito nets meet the highest quality standards , such as fully closed, special high density mesh and some styles even have a special ‘’tuck-in’’ mesh part. The unique color coding system makes choosing the right mosquito net for you very easy. All nets packed in blue colored carry bags are made for use in European countries, the nets packed in green colored carry bags are made of extreme high density mesh to protect you against the smallest insects such as midges, living in Scandinavia/Scotland. The nets packed in the orange carry bags are made for use in tropical areas.

Dimensions:  220 x 160 cm
Weight:         296 g
Material:       Polyester / Mesh
Persons:        2
Density :       225 holes / inch²
Includes:       2 pillowcases

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Weight 300 g



Polyester mesh